I recently received a box of WEXY Snack Bags to review*.  They are snack bags made especially for children.  They are biodegradable and BPA free!  Cute, little monsters are on the front of the bags, offering a fun alternative to the everyday zipper snack bags.  The fun design is intended to make healthy snacking more fun for children…Brilliant!  Children can be very difficult sometimes and if a little cute bag can get them interested in eating healthier, then I am ALL for it.

The line-up for the monsters are Sammy the Surfer, Scout the Soccer Player, Bailey the Bubble Maker, and Dusty the Diver.  Each monster boasts a favorite snack choice or a “special eating need”.  For example, Sammy has a gluten allergy and Dusty eats primarily raw foods.  I think this is a great way to interact with your children and teach them about allergies, healthy snacks, alternative snack options, etc.  This is a great way to learn about and encourage healthy options for a lifetime.  The WEXY website offers a Meet the Monsters page to give a biography of each monster that is adorable and, I imagine, fun for children to read.

An overview of the bags:


  • Biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, and disposable.  The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. I think it is very important to decrease the amount of plastic waste that we produce and this is a simple way without losing the disposable option. (This also helps to teach your children about sustainable resources and being environmentally friendly!)
  • BPA free.  If my child is going to be eating out of it, this makes me feel better about decreasing possibly toxins he is coming in contact with.
  • Cute and Fun.
  • Perfect size for many other things besides children’s snacks…crayons, quiet activity bags, jacks pieces, rubber ball collections, card collection, sewing supplies, a first aid kit for the car (band aids and ointment), to keep your small necessities wrangled in your purse or diaper bag, etc, etc, etc, basically whatever you use a regular plastic zipper bag for.
  • Made in the USA.  This is awesome and often makes me more willing to buy a certain product.
  • Price is comparable to other plastic disposable zipper bags.


  • Per my husband, they should offer a sandwich bag size so he can pack his lunches in them.
  • Also, per my husband, which I agree with, the bags should be clear with the monster still on the front.  This would aid in seeing what the contents are quickly.  Not a deal breaker in my book, but something he would apparently like :).

So, clearly the pros outweigh the cons and this product is a great, fun one for the kiddos to enjoy their snacks out of!  Go get you some!

*This was not a paid post, I did receive the bags at no cost to me to try.  All opinions are mine and have not been biased in any way.


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