My baby is 9 months!  This happened yesterday, but this post happened today, so actually he is 9 Months and 1 day.  This whole growing baby thing happens WAY.TOO.FAST!  Somebody please let me know where the slow down button is.  Can I get a slow-mo, PAH-lease.  No?  Well, I guess it was worth a shot.

In the last month, he cut 3 teeth all at once.  The two central lowers and his right central upper .  The left central upper has just cut through in the last couple of days and his upper laterals are on their way soon.  Lucky for us, he has not been too terribly fussy…he never is, so any amount of fuss kind of confuses Bo and me.  We are like, “Umm, why exactly are you crying?  Oh, your teeth might hurt?  Why didn’t you just say so?  Sheesh!”  Jackson is seriously the sweetest, happiest, most laid back baby boy ever.  I love him sooo stinking much!

He is pulling up, crawling super fast, and can really get his walker around corners.  His favorite activity in the walker is to run down the trashcan and push it across the room.  We are still primarily nursing…some days he wants solids, others he cares nothing for them.  Which is fine by me; he is clearly healthy, he rocks 18-month clothes and lots of chunk!

In other news…around here school starts back next Monday.  My affiliate Mabel’s Labels is having a back to school special.  If you purchase $100 worth of labels, you receive a free package of Write Away Labels.  These are perfect for anytime you need to label something quickly, because you can write whatever you need on them and they self-laminate to seal the label.  The other labels Mabel’s Labels offers they will print with information that you specify and are GREAT for all sorts of things, they offer…Bag Tags, Preschool Shoe Labels, Clothing Labels, Allergy Labels, Iron-on Labels, Household Labels, etc…endless options.  Check them out!




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  1. What an adorable little chunky monkey!

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