My baby turned 10 months old this weekend.  I am here to tell you that time flies right on by and you just do not even know where it ran off to.  He is learning so much every single day and it makes me extremely happy and saddens me at the same time, knowing I will never have him as a little baby ever again.

In the past month, he has started to really cruise around the coffee table, be more independent and play without an audience while he is learning and exploring new things, and has had that tooth I was talking about last month finally break through.  We visited his first fair, viewed his first soccer game (my nephew’s first to play as well), and started going on walks in the much nicer weather.  Speaking of walking, he has mastered walking around the coffee table, started to let go some and just stand, and walking with the push walker on occasion and crawling out of his traditional walker to grab toys off the floor and then plopping back in and taking off!

He is still extremely patient, very much a momma’s boy, and primarily on ninny.  We have yet to figure out a solids schedule in which he follows daily.  Some days he has no solids, some days he has a couple of meals with solids and ninny.  It is all over the place at this point…oh well, it works for us.  Jackson is a joy to have and seriously the best baby ever, knock on wood it stays that way :).

Now for some pictures from the last month!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  What was your favorite age with your baby?


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